EstateDAO Announces Upcoming SNS Decentralization Sale: Revolutionizing Vacation Home Investments

EstateDAO Announces Upcoming SNS Decentralization Sale: Revolutionizing Vacation Home Investments

EstateDAO, a pioneering platform leveraging the Internet Computer Blockchain, is poised to launch its SNS DAO with an imminent decentralization sale. This announcement serves as an invitation for the IC Community to engage in discussions surrounding the EstateDAO SNS and to pose inquiries to the founding team.

Innovating Vacation Home Investments

EstateDAO introduces a groundbreaking approach to vacation home investments, aiming to democratize access to real estate ownership through fractional ownership facilitated by the Internet Computer Blockchain. By breaking down traditional barriers, EstateDAO allows individuals to invest in vacation properties worldwide with an entry threshold as low as USD 100. This innovative model not only enables diversification of real estate portfolios but also offers the potential to share in vacation rental revenue, thus democratizing property investment and fostering a global community of investors.

Proposed Token Distribution

With a total supply of 1 billion EST Tokens, EstateDAO outlines the initial distribution plan for the SNS sale as follows:

  • 52%: Reserved for Treasury
  • 25%: Allocated to the Decentralization Sale
  • 15%: Allocated to the Founding Team
  • 8%: Allocated to Seed Investors

Funding Target and SNS Configuration

EstateDAO sets a funding target ranging from a minimum of 100,000 ICP to a maximum of 500,000 ICP for the decentralization sale. The initial SNS configuration aligns with this target, aiming to facilitate a seamless transition towards decentralized ownership.

Engage with EstateDAO

For comprehensive insights into EstateDAO's vision and operational framework, interested parties are encouraged to explore the detailed whitepaper and visit the official website. EstateDAO eagerly anticipates the launch of its SNS and looks forward to embarking on a transformative journey towards redefining vacation real estate investment.

As EstateDAO prepares to usher in a new era of accessibility and inclusivity in property investment, the platform invites active participation from the community in shaping its decentralized future. Join the conversation, ask questions, and be part of the paradigm shift in vacation home ownership facilitated by EstateDAO and the Internet Computer Blockchain.