The CERUS protocol's vision is to be the one-stop-shop dApp for decentralized, community-managed infrastructure for various blockchains. The ecosystem is powered by NFTs and tokens bringing incentives and rewards to the CERUS community.

The protocol aims to be the gold standard of blockchain sustainability, high rewards and even higher protocol and chain health.

CERUS is one of the first DACs on the METIS network, putting decisions and the power to govern the protocol in hands of the people who invest, contribute, and support it.


It is the mission of CERUS to power the blockchain with decentralized Verifier and Sequencer nodes. We will make nodes accessible to the global community via our crowd-sourcing protocol.

We believe at CERUS that sustainability is paramount, this is laid out in our core principles and influences how we make all of our decisions. Our goal is to be the lifeblood of any new or existing blockchain. The community will manage the protocol, nodes, existing assets and rewards through the protocol's DAC infrastructure. By using the power of crowd-sourcing we can scale any blockchain infrastructure at an exceptional rate while delivering stable yields.

Typically these node based services are limited to big investors due to the large cost of startup and substantial knowledge needed to maintain these systems. We are going to change that and bring it to the masses.

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The centralized front-end to ever-expanding decentralized infrastructure for various blockchains. This ecosystem of Verifier and Sequencer nodes pays rewards to the protocol and it's community.