Founded in 2018 and based in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Minima has created an ultra-lean blockchain protocol that fits on a mobile or IoT device, allowing every user to run a full constructing and validating node.

Minima has created a truly decentralized network. One that is scalable and inclusive while remaining secure and resilient. This level of total decentralization guarantees anti-censorship by ensuring that there can be no overarching authority controlling the network, creating a truly autonomous and accountable ecosystem.

With complete decentralization, there are no structures to attack; there are no third-party agendas that could manipulate the system; there is only equality. Complete decentralization enables participation, collaboration, and empowerment for individuals.

Minima maximizes all of the benefits of blockchain whilst reducing existing vulnerabilities.

With Minima installed, mobile operators can enable users to exchange data with others, earn rewards, make purchases, play games, consume content, do banking, and much more via tokenization.

Developers can build any number of decentralized apps that people can use on their devices, and Minima doesn't require any technology other than what is already in everyone’s hands. Minima users can exchange value freely without intermediaries while benefiting from the sound monetary qualities of a fixed supply.

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The world's ONLY mobile-native Layer 1 blockchain