XCAD Network


XCAD Network

XCAD Network is pioneering the #Watch2 Earn revolution for 2.1bn active YouTube users, enabling fans to earn Creator token rewards for watching their favorite Creator, directly on YouTube.

We’ve seen #Play2Earn and the #Move2Earn achieve mainstream adoption. There are 2.1bn people that actively use YouTube. These users watch content and provide value to Creators, we’re creating a system which works in synergy with this, rewarding the viewer for watching the creator. While providing further incentives for Creators. Allowing fans to connect further and participate in their success.

By providing a platform for creators to both interact and reward their fans for their continued loyalty within a web 3.0 system. Resulting in skyrocketing engagement and value for both parties. Fans will feel closer than ever to their favorite creators, and have a say in their channel decisions, and share the Creator’s journey to success.

NFTs have shown incredible potential. However we still believe they need to evolve. Via our gamified and utility based NFT collectible system, and combining the biggest mainstream reach of any sector. We’re going to turn the most iconic YouTubers moments into gamified NFT collectibles. Users can either try their luck opening NFT Moment packs, to build up their Moments collection, or buy one in the secondary marketplace.

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XCAD Network

XCAD Network provides creators with DeFi tools to create an incentivized economy by tokenizing the engagement of each creator's audience & their content. XCAD Network is also home to an exclusive NFT Marketplace for creators, enabling one-click creation of rare and limited edition NFTs.